BeerAlchemy for Mac

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Make your own beer at home

Improves import of incorrectly formatted BeerXML files.


  • Improves import of incorrectly formatted BeerXML files.

BeerAlchemy is designed to help homebrewers create great beer. It takes the drudgery out of recipe formulation and looks after all your recipes too!

It offers many original features:

Use Any Unit Anywhere

Got a recipe in liters but prefer gallons? Just enter it in liters and BeerAlchemy will automatically convert it.

Pounds and Ounces

3. 25 lb no more! You can now enter '3 lb 4 oz'.

Ingredient Descriptions

Displayed as 'tooltips' throughout the program.

Batch Sparging

BrewDays now supports batch and fly sparging.

Multiple Bitterness Formulas

BeerAlchemy now supports Tinseth, Rager, Daniels and Garetz.

Makes Recipe Creation Easy

And looks after all your recipes.

Support for Extract and Full Mash Brewing

From extract to full mash and all stations in between.

Does Most Recipe Calculations For You

Instant updates as you build your recipe.

Extensive Built-In Database of Brewing Ingredients

You can also edit and add your own.

Supports User Created Mash Profiles

Infusion? Decoction? Stepped? It's your choice.

Your Recipes. . . to Go

BeerAlchemy can load all your recipes onto your iPod.

Inventory Support

Keep tabs on all your supplies.

Go Shopping

Make shopping lists and visit your favorite stores.

Brew Days

Improved batch handling.

Skype Support

So you can even call your favorite store!

Extensive Export Options

Easily produce PDFs and webpages of your recipes

BeerXML and .

rec Support

Import recipes in the BeerXML and . rec formats.

Quick Calculators

You can even use for free when the demo expires.

International Units

Metric, US and UK Imperial units selectable.

Universal Binary

Runs at full speed on PowerPC and Intel.

Program available in other languages

BeerAlchemy for Mac

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 1.8.22
  • 5

  • (1)
  • Security Status

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